Golden Citrine white sage bundle
Golden Citrine white sage bundle

Golden Citrine white sage bundle

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Golden Citrine small point aesthetically wrapped around an organic sage bundle.

 Use the North American herb for purification, house blessings, and cleansings. An excellent tool for removing stagnant and blocked energy. Not to mention airborne bacteria in the air. 

Golden citrine calls in abundant joyful vibrations. Use the crystal as a tool to invoke its energies and amplify your intentions in your smudging ritual.

Decorative touches also include rose petals; which bring in love, compassion, open heartedness and lavender for a renewed sense of calming peace + open-mindness vibes. 

These bouquets were hand crafted with a lot of love and devotion just for you. The sage was sourced from an organic farm in Southern California.

Flower Petal color may vary due to changing stages in the drying process. They burn best when fully dried. If you receive a fresh vibrant bundle, allow it to dry out for maximum burn. 

This listing is for one golden citrine wrapped rose petal sage bundle your choice In size. String varies in color.