The Heart Bundle
The Heart Bundle

The Heart Bundle

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Rose Petal + Lavender smudge bundle with an Amethyst heart.

Smudging with white sage neutralizes and removes unwanted blockAges within a space and our astral bodies. Sage not only removes the bad but also the good. That’s where beautifully rose & crystal wrapped bundles come in.

As you intently cleanse and remove all unwanted energies within your space, fill that void with the loving and compassionate energies rose petals emit. They work by releasing their fragrant oils during a smudge. Lavender releases calming vibrations as well as open-mindness. The crystal amplifies and brings more potency to it all. The big cherry on top. .
Use amethyst for protection and ascension. 

By adding the petals, herbs, and crystals our smudge bundles Become magical wands connecting our intentions with the astral. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Live and honor yourself with intention and everyday ritual.

These bouquets were hand crafted with a lot of love and devotion just for you. The sage was sourced from an organic farm in Southern California.

Flower Petal color may vary due to changing stages in the drying process. They burn best when fully dried. If you receive a fresh vibrant bundle, allow it to dry out for maximum burn. 

This listing is for one Amethyst wrapped rose petal sage bundle your choice In size. String, petals, crystal vary in color.